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Viva Las Tiles

     You may have heard a rumor that I’m going to be in Las Vegas for the rest of the week. You heard correctly. All Tile is holding a convention during the Surfaces 2005 convention. I’m leaving for Vegas Wednesday morning and coming back Friday close to midnight.

     Wednesday night in the St. Croix room of the Mirage Hotel (where I’m staying), we are holding a cocktail party (which I am involved in setting up, promoting, attending, etc.). Thursday from way too early in the morning until 5, we have a “Sell-A-Bration” where we hold a big sweepstakes drawing and try to get people to buy stuff (which I am involved in setting up, promoting, attending, maintaining, and probably picture-taking). Friday is probably some take down and then bumming around Vegas until dinner.

     Saturday (as early as I can wake up), I’m starting a 24 marathon, since seasons 1-3 arrive on my doorstep Thursday. Renee is supposed to join me for that. She does have other things to do this weekend, though. I do not, and I fully intend to watch 24 for the entirety of my waking hours, as there is absolutely no football on this weekend. 🙁

Feeling: Alan needs to turn on his phone. rawr.

Listening to: nothing, really.