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Huzzah for New Egg

     I went to Champaign last weekend, and that was very nice. I drove Nicole down there so she could visit her boy. I got to go skating with Alan and Sara. I saw “National Treasure” with Lexi, Scott & Alan. I went to Gordman’s with Alan and saw Nicole and Seth there.
     Also, I bought some of the cheapest laptop RAM on Newegg and put it in the old laptop (about five years old) and it runs like a champ now. And by champ, I mean chimp, which is much faster than the animal it was before. So, I’m completely shocked that they still make the RAM that’s compatible with this old no-name computer. Who’s ever heard of Megaplus as a laptop producer anyway? Works well enough, though.
     So I’m sitting here watching the last four episodes of season 2 of 24 with Renee right now. It’s pretty damn good, and I’m hoping that next season isn’t disappointing.
     Alan’s a great guy. He’s feeling sick now, though. I wish he had more time, but he’s got a lot to do. At least I got him to go on the facebook. I love that site. It’s so silly.
     So, I’ve been reading the blog of one of the people I suppose I’m friends with. She has been saying some things that are not appropriate for blogs, and has been telling her side of the “story” of what’s going on with her. It’s pretty immature, as anyone can make themselves sound like a god when they have no opposition.
     Yeah, well, I’m not entirely bitter. My life is going better than can be expected. My job is great, I’m about 6 months away from purchasing a new CRV *without* any financing. I am at the lowest weight I’ve been at in years and falling.

Feeling: My feet are cold, 24 is awesome.
Listening to: Moulin Rouge – Your Song (because Elton John’s version sucks)

3 thoughts on “Huzzah for New Egg

  1. and I got you on the facebook, so there, I rule. Just kidding. Hope everything is going well, and too bad I couldn’t go skating with you guys. But I guess it’s a good thing, ’cause see me falling on my ass or face twenty times in a minute is not so amusing after a while.

  2. If you got me on the facebook, why is my join date May of ’04 and yours is December of ’04. 😛

    You did get me to log in, though.

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