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Foyer Wallpaper Progress



(After pictures come up after we paint. We haven’t done that yet.)

     So, we put a lot of work into the foyer and we are working on the living room / hallway wallpaper now. The hallway’s is particularly resilient, as the glue is trying to be badass and stay with the wall. Elbow grease, etc, is required. Bah.
     I just got back from my second weekly bowling trip with Tony

and Mike

I had a lot of fun, except my hand hurts. I guess it’s better than last time (when my butt hurt). I’m sure I’ll see the guys next weekend.
     Well, that’s about all I feel like talking about.

Feeling: My phone would be better than pets if the battery didn’t die after a day and a half.
Listening to: Avril Lavigne – Fall to Pieces

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  1. Yay for bowling (except that I really suck at it -_-)! Hope your hand feels better.~

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