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Champaign Visit v200

     I’ll be in Champaign this weekend, and everybody seems to be doing everything. So, here’s the roundup.
Friday – get to Champaign ~10:30.
Saturday – Vicki’s birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI) She’ll probably have a party. Sara is having a party for Josh coming back from war (God, that sounds weird) at something like 9:30.
Sunday – Some comedian appearing somewhere that no one knows at 4pm. Something with the improv people before or after. Get home around 9 for bowling at 9 or 9:30 (very important, bowling is so much fun).
Oh, and somewhere in here, I’ll be spending time with the lovely Alan.
     This week went by really quickly; it does not seem like Friday. It’s positively beautiful outside. I don’t know how I ever got by without a sunroof in my car.

Feeling: It smells like summer
Listening to: Bowling for Soup – 1985