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Champaign Visit v201

     Happy 3-Year Anniversary to me and Alan. As my boss so astutely said, “So it’s getting pretty serious, then?” I’m making cheesecake so I have to make this quick.
Friday: Visit Renee at work (Lonestar), drive to Champaign ~7:30, arrive ~10.
Saturday: Alan’s parents in town for lunch (Biaggi’s?), grocery shopping, nice dinner (that asian food place that starts with an “M” and cooks your food in front of you and I can’t think of the name because the Taco Bell I just ate is making my brain fart), then maybe that Martini bar that Alan went to and said is nice (I never can remember the name of that place either).
Sunday: Lexi’s murder mystery theater with food at 1pm. I have to be home in time for bowling with the boyz at 9 or 9:30.

Feeling: Cheesecake AHOY!
Listening to: Anna Nalick – Breathe