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Weekend in Review

     I had a very nice weekend. Alan’s parents bought us Biaggi’s for lunch and we all ate my cheesecake. Alan took me shopping, but I wasn’t able to pick anything out for myself for our anniversary. Then we went to Lexi’s play on Sunday and it was pretty good. It was very amusing to see Alex go up on stage and tell his two physics jokes about atoms.
     After her play, Lexi, Scott, Alan, Alex, his friend and me went to Borders (where I again failed to find something for Alan to buy me) and then to Steak & Shake. It was nice. Next time, though, I’m making Alan find me something. It’s much easier to have him pick me out something that I pretty much have to like than to find something myself.
     After I got home I went bowling with the guys as usual. It was fun, I bowled a 139 my first game, which is my highest score in a while. My last game was a 132 or something, too, but the middle was … poor. We bowled 4 games, since there were 5 people there and we didn’t have time to bowl the usual five. Oh well, lunch is just about over, I should go.

Feeling: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. (very little sleep last night)
Listening to: Jewel – Standing Still