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     Yesterday, Renee, Michelle, Chris and I went to the Sox/Detroit game. It went into overtime… and it started at 7pm. So we were there late. Not that I remember much; I don’t like baseball and so I did what everyone who doesn’t like baseball and goes to the game does. Drank $15.75 worth of beer (3 cups, + 1 free from Renee).
     So, according to my dad and my uncle, it’s not my valves it’s my catalytic converter. Apparently my car doesn’t have normal torque in high RPMs, or something. When you’re at 4,000 RPM and you floor it, it doesn’t redline. That’s not normal. So anyway, catalytic converters are free to replace, since they’re part of emissions. According to the guy at CarX (way to go guys) it’s the law that they have to be warrantied for 8 years. We made it in just under the wire. So, my dad called up and argued with the manager and they said they’ll take it in for the catalytic converter sometime this week.
     I’m going to Champaign now, because I want to see OTR. It’s at 9pm, so I have to stay the night (in spite of Alan being busy with his final project, etc) and I’ll leave there after lunch tomorrow. I will definitely be back in time for bowling.
     That’s all I got.

Feeling: Stomach still in turmoil from last night
Listening to: Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down