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Bowling Bonanza

     Ok, so it wasn’t really a bowling bonanza. Apparently they started closing at 11pm for “summer hours.” You’d think that means close later, but nope. So, we only got two real games in, and I totally sucked. Then, Jake, Tony & I had one more game left (Mike came late so he only bought 2), so we did some speed bowling. It’s pretty much just bowl as fast as you can without hurting yourself or the bowling lane. Actually, scratch that last part. Anyway, during that speed bowling round, I bowled my first turkey (huzzah) and got a final score of 143. It’s not my highest, but it’s certainly good, considering the situation.
     I miss Alan a lot. This weekend I hung out with Renee and we watched When Harry Met Sally and went out to a party that was filled with the kind of people I don’t usually see anymore, having graduated from a good university and now being in the working world. All of this made me appreciate having someone that I feel comfortable with and can really love. I’ll stop with the sappy stuff now, I just had to get it out.

Feeling: I can’t believe I woke up of my own volition at 7:30 this morning.
Listening to: CDs in my Eclipse, cuz it seems to be running significantly better (but it’s too early to judge if the problem has vanished)

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  1. 7:30? Yuck :p. Anyway…hope things are going well, and I hope you have a great summer :). Peace Karen.~

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