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The Weekend, The Car, and Bowling

     So it has been a while since I posted. Let me do a very brief recap.
     Bowling: Good. Last time we got tipsy and I bowled a 175. Huzzah to new highest score I can remember.
     Alan: Good. I like him, and I appreciate him more, but he just bought World of Warcraft. I am worried.
     My car: Drives. It’s not completely better, and it seems like it got worse after I put gas in it. I’m taking it to Champaign this weekend; highway driving should be good for it.
     Weekend: Going to Alan’s. If the Wolves didn’t completely rule, we’d be going to their game this weekend. But, alas, the game will not happen. It was a Game 6 of 7 playoff game, and the Wolves took it in four. I’m sure we’ll see a game of theirs soon, but not this weekend. On Friday I’ll drive down, I’ll be back in time for bowling on Sunday. Monday I’ll either loaf around the house (since I have the day off, huzzah) or watch Season 1 of 24 with Nicole. She hasn’t seen it.
     Work: Good. I spotted a big problem yesterday before it could cause unfixable damage. I don’t even know how I caught it, but I did. Huzzah.

Feeling: I heart gobstoppers.
Listening to: Not Launchcast. IE on my work computer just crapped out, and apparently you need that to listen to launchcast – even if it’s through the Yahoo Messenger. Bah.