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Go Wolvsies

     Ok, so here’s the plan for this weekend. Today I’m going to drive out to Champaign after work, and I might see Lexi tonight or early tomorrow morning. Saturday afternoon I’m taking Alan back to suburbia and we’ll prolly try to have a nice dinner and then go to the Chicago Wolves game (huzzah to my tickets right behind Philadelphia’s bench). Those tickets are what I got him for his birthday. Sunday I’ll take him probably to Fudruckers where he’ll meet up with his parents who will drive him back to Champaign.
     So, one of the managers at All Tile asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in a job doing pricing for us. I talked to Lexi and she seems interested, and I’m sure she’d be good at it, so I recommended her today. It would be nice to have another friend at work.

Feeling: Excited, Tired, Hungry.
Listening to: Kelly Clarkson – Gone