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Dell’s Bells

For those of you who don’t know, I went on Vacation to Wisconsin Dells last weekend with Alan.

Friday, I drove to Alan’s house. Saturday, we left for Wisconsin Dells. On the way we stopped at a Walmart to buy CDs to listen to on the way up there. One of them, the AC/DC one Alan wanted to listen to, was skipping and making a knocking noise when we put it in (brand new!). So, motiviated by having to listen to Kelly Clarkson, Alan figured out what was wrong with it (the top layer was put on crooked), fixed it (filed down the edges of the top layer), and it works now. We ate lunch at Fudruckers (Alan loves it there), and checked into the B&B.

The White Rose B&B was nice, but it wasn’t as well upkept as I would have expected. The bathroom didn’t have any ventillation, which made taking the steamy jaccuzzis a little less enjoyable. Other than that, the bed was soft, the cable TV was a better commodity than expected, and it was free of screaming children (not easy to do in the dells).

That night we went to Wally’s House of Embers. It was fantastic. I had a coupon for prime rib, which is apparently a really fantastic cut of steak, and wow, it was amazing. Alan was jealous. It was really expensive (for us, anyway, at $20 a plate). After that we went to a Drive In movie theater, cuz I’ve never been to one. We saw the Dukes of Hazard and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (again). Dukes of Hazard was pretty funny, although I really wasn’t expecting much.

Sunday morning we went to the B&B’s breakfast (not bad, especially for free – or at least sunk cost – food). We went shopping (much to Alan’s disappointment) around the downtown Dells for a while and ate at Famous Dave’s, but then I passed out for 4 hours because I took a Benadryl. I’m not taking that again. We went to Pirate’s Cove minigolf for 36 holes, and Alan kicked my ass. I stopped keeping score after he got a hole in one on one that I took the 6-stroke limit for. I only got it in the river once, but it was almost twice.

For dinner, we went to the Essen Haus (German Restaurant). I wasn’t particularly impressed (especially at ~$12 a plate), but Alan seemed to like it. The atmosphere was very European.

Monday we went to Noah’s Ark. That was a lot of fun, but it would have been much better if we brought flip flops. As it was, our feet were practically raw by the time we left (about 4 hours later). We did go on the “Sting Ray,” which is a big, wide u-shaped thing (Looks like a sting ray with his “arms” up?) that they drop you down on a double innertube and you just kinda slide willy-nilly back and forth until you stop. The drop was kinda big, so Alan made sure I went down backwards so I’d scream more. He seemed to think that was funny. Alan told me if I bought him a deep fried Twinkie, he’d eat it, so I did. It tasted weird, like a sweet doughnut saturated with fat. I didn’t get too burned (aside from the top of my head, which is still a bit red), so all in all it was good.

That night, we went to Monk’s Bar & Grill (cheap!!!), and the food was amazing for the price. They had beer battered fries (awesome), and cheese curds (also, awesome). The food was like $5-7/plate, considering that it’s downtown Wisconsin Dells, that’s pretty spectacular. We went back there for lunch on Tuesday and I bought a shirt.

Tuesday, we went to Top Secret, which was by far the biggest waste of money ever. The outside looks awesome, though. It looks like someone took the white house and dropped it – upside down – onto a parking lot from about 50 feet up. There’s a car partially smushed under it and everything. Anyway, it was $12/person, and it lasted about 10 minutes. They took us inside and we “oohed” at the chairs and tables, etc, stuck to the ceiling. Then they took us to another room to ooh. And another. And another. Then we had to walk through “tunnels,” some of which had mirrors, so it was kind of difficult to tell where to go. They had one of those “try to walk straight on the bridge with the spinning walls around it” things, and a little girl who was on the tour lost her balance and walked into a pole. Then, there was a “mad scientist” who claimed the presidents were all robots that she created. Then you were dumped into the gift shop. The guide at the beginning said the purpose of the tour was to find out “Why the White House landed in Wisconsin Dells 7 years ago,” but there wasn’t anything that really explained it. Very stupid.

Anyway, after buying fudge, we went back to his house. I went home the next day, since I didn’t go back to work until Thursday.

Feeling: Tired.
Listening to: Much more Kelly Clarkson than I ever thought I would.

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  1. It sounds like you had some fun at least…that “Top Secret” place (I checked out the link, which doesn’t lead to a website, but rather a…strange…flash video) looks…erm…odd. Anyway…hope you’ve been enjoying life…ttyl!

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