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Good Bye, 94.7 Zone

     I was listening yesterday afternoon when 94.7 the Zone changed over to an Oldies station. I thought it was a joke. Today, I find that’s not the case. The station I have been listening to every morning since October, 2004 has vanished, with no farewell.
     Reading this article confirmed that the Zone has gone the way of all the great rock stations and has been cancelled. Brian the Whipping Boy, Freak, Sludge, Cassie, El Bobo, and J.V.O., I’m sorry to see you go. I don’t care what the other stations are saying this morning, you had plenty of fans. If any of these guys show up on another station, I want to know about it.


Feeling: Sad and lonely
Listening to: No other station feels the same.

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