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Panda Bears Banished from the Bedroom

     You heard right. The panda bears have been permanently removed from my bedroom, as has been the atrocious disintegrating red carpet. The redecoration process has been a very long and arduous task, but I received a lot of help from Jonathan, my parents, and even the folks at All Tile. If you’re curious, we used Benjamin Moore paint on the walls (color: Evening Sky) and ShawMark Anything Goes! Smooth & Silky carpet (color: Mirror). Underneath the carpet is a rubber underlayment from Sponge Cushion called Full House. The trim and ceiling paints were left over from other interior paint jobs in our house.

     There’s still some work left to be done, but none of the remaining tasks are much more than weekday night projects (as opposed to removing wallpaper, painting, getting carpet installed and whatnot). I’d like to replace the closet doors with mirrored doors, replace the main door and replace the window treatments. After all this, there should be absolutely no remnants of my former room, heh.

Feeling: Exhausted, just from writing about all we did.
Listening to: Dixie Chicks – Cold Day in July