Minor Stuff

And We’re Back

After a hiccup with the transfer of my kabby.net domain to DreamHost from Webhost Giant, the blog is back up.  The transfer happened over Memorial Day weekend, so, as you can see, the blog wasn’t my #1 priority in the transfer.  Instead, the main objective was to move the Months Behind site to its own domain.  It has been at kabby.net/mb for a long time now, but that group is really deserving of their own home.  After it had been live for less than a week, it already grabbed the #1 search result on Google for the phrase Months Behind.  I have to say, I’m quite proud of the community.

You may ask, “Why are you still hosting that?  Didn’t you quit WoW years ago?”  Yes, I did.  You can quit playing games, but that doesn’t mean you quit the people involved.  The Months Behind community has been around even longer than the site/forums I created for them, and I know we will continue to be around even after WoW is a fading memory.  So, to keep in contact with them, I and the many others who have since quit playing WoW, need this communication avenue which doesn’t require an active WoW account.

I intended for this to be a much shorter post, but apparently I suck at being succinct.  I will update later with all the stuff I’m up to.  There are many things to mention, and it seems like the list just keeps on growing.