Minor Stuff

Another New Web Host

Another five years, another new web host.  This time I’ve moved over to A Small Orange.  I saw it recommended on lifehacker a few years ago and then managed to get my company’s site hosted there.  After having the standard moving pains and downtime issues, I realized that ASO has the customer service level that I really need and have sorely missed being with DreamHost (and all the webhosts before that, except for the time Velhym was working at the one I was using).

Moving prompted some spring cleaning, and as such I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the news section of the WordPress site I had previously hosted.  The news I share goes straight to my blurblog (through my Newsblur account) and from there to my Google+ and Twitter via IFTTT.  Due to this, I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary to host them myself through WordPress.  That decision still remains to be made.

I wonder if the calming down of my life means I will post more often.  I know that journaling is something I miss, and this is a more tech-friendly journaling substitute.  We shall see.