Major Update

Professional Website

I have obtained the domain for use as a more professional splash page.  I was able to make a layout I really like with WordPress, so I’m excited about that.  I think having the blog hosted on still makes sense, since I am partial to this domain.  I bought it probably close to 15 years ago, and I have enjoyed using it as a web creativity catch all.

The new domain fits my name change, is still short and is easy to spell.  It definitely gives off a more professional vibe than “kabby” does, and so I’ll treat it as such.

In terms of private life, there has been a lot going on, but I’ll just give a quick snippet.  I saw Hamilton (Chicago) a week ago, and it was a truly monumental experience.  I started writing up commentaries on each of the songs – no small feat, considering that there are 46 of them – to help me remember the experience.  I may consider posting some of them here.