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Champaign visit, version 2.0

     I’m down at Alan’s apartment again this weekend. We saw Harry Potter 3 on Friday. Then yesterday we saw Troy. Both were good movies, and both were at Savoy. Both were accompanied by annoyingly loud people.

     At the first, there was this rather large man sitting a seat over from us, and he for some reason couldn’t breathe any quieter than a fire alarm. I couldn’t understand it; but I didn’t yell at him or anything since he probably wasn’t doing it on purpose. It didn’t decrease the annoyingness factor though.

     Then, at Troy, there were about 15 people in the entire theater. But sitting the row behind us were a couple of women who had to be in their 60s. This one in particular couldn’t talk below a car horn level. I told her “Excuse me, could you keep it down?” and pointed at the movie screen after she’d been talking particularly loud. No avail. Maybe she couldn’t hear me after going deaf from talking so loud.

     Needless to say, I will avoid going to Savoy in the future as much as I can.