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So Much and Yet So Little

     Driscoll Catholic, my high school, is closing at the end of this year. I’m shocked and very saddened, as if I could get any sadder at this point. The people, the building, the memories; all of it feels so much further away now. I remember the auditorium, where I felt so at home. The prop room backstage where I signed my name on the wall in marker, where so many others had signed before me, some of whom have already left this world. I remember the hallways, and how I felt like I knew every little corner of every room. I remember the ugly carpets and the putrid-smelling vacuum cleaners. I can’t imagine never being able to go back to see how it has changed.
     I want to remember forever, but I know I won’t. I want to think that this doesn’t change anything, but I can’t escape the feeling that it will.
     …And yet this is just one of the many things that is causing me grief lately. Combine that with the cutbacks at All Tile. Throw in some dashed hopes of having a dog. Mix well. Top with a general feeling of misdirection in life. This is not exactly the cake I was looking for.

Feeling: Depressed
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