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Testing Out Windows Live

Windows Live

     So I saw all the silly commercials for Windows Live, but I thought, “Why would I want to use some Microsoft program for that when I’ve already got Google (picasa, gmail, blogger, etc.)?”  Well, the answer was clear: 25 GB of space per account.

     Google’s Picasa software is very easy to use and intelligent.  But 1 GB of space already has me wary about uploading any more photos.  Despite not even using 1 GB (of a total of 7 GB) of my email space, it’s encouraging me to pay for more web space hosting.  I’m not a fan of that.

     The other thing I’m liking about Windows Live is it makes it very easy to switch between “linked” accounts.  It’s pretty obvious that I have two Gmail accounts.  One is for friends (real people) and one is for companies (not real people).  Excellent spam filter or not, I still care about an email from any real person a lot more than an email telling me there’s a sale at some department store.

     So, here I am trying out the blogging software, which claims it can upload to blogger.  I don’t know if I’ll stick with it, but I’ll be sticking with the “Skydrive” (what they call your 25 GB) for photos so long as I can figure out a way to feed it into my photos page on kabby.net.


Shed (Limestone Only)      My family is in the final stages of getting a shed-well, a barn-put in our backyard.  It’s a much more arduous process than it should be, thanks to permits and digging restrictions in addition to the normal foundation requirements.  Yesterday, we spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon shoveling 5,000 pounds of limestone into a dirt square in the backyard and trying to level it.  Yesterday evening and this morning, my back reminded me that I’m not a kid anymore.


     To those of you who haven’t heard yet, Jonathan now has 2 lively young bunnies.  Despite their naughty behavior, he has no plans to eat them.  I visited and took way too many photos of them, which you can see in the album linked above.  For what it’s worth, I’m impressed with the album linking feature in the Windows Live Writer.


     Yes, it’s true, I’ve tried to take up rollerblading again.  I’ve gone with Renee a few times, and I had a lot of fun, despite having issues stopping.  I decided my 15 year old skates needed a bit of a tune up, so I bought some new bearings.  WOW, did that make a difference.  They were like completely different skates.  They actually felt a lot like my ice skates, which I’m comfortable with. 

     Best of all, changing the bearings made it a ton easier to stop, oddly enough.  You’d think with new bearings, the skates would just be faster and harder to control, but that’s not the case.  The skates are faster, sure, but they’re also not unpredictable like they used to be.  The problem I had with braking the normal way was I couldn’t keep my balance very well.  That was because braking means balancing on one foot, which is hard to do when the skate is rolling at an unpredictable pace (bad bearings cause your wheels to lock up).  That was the best $40 (had to buy a $12 tool, too) I have spent in a long time.


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