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Week ends

     The stuff for the computer I’m building should all be here on Monday, except for the case. Go figure, huh. Also, on Monday I’m supposed to have some sort of orientation with AFLAC, the insurance duck company. They called me since they saw my resume on Career Builder. They were interested in the fact that I could speak Spanish and German. The job is probably sales, but a lot of people who hire marketers look for ones who have had sales experience.

     On Thursday I went over to Renee’s. We went to Steak & Shake with her parents and her grandma to get shakes. They all tried the “side by side” shakes, but I got a plain strawberry one. It was still good. After that Renee rented 13 Going On 30, which I regretfully watched. It was exactly the kind of movie Renee would like, especially since she’d seen it before.

     I still haven’t gotten the corset I ordered from Frederick’s yet, but it shipped on the 3rd, so I’m expecting it on Wednesday. I’m also waiting for the Norton Internet Security 2004 I ordered. Oh, and on top of that, I ordered another one of the strapless bras I liked from Frederick’s. Make that a total of six packages I’m waiting on.

     I’m at Alan’s now. I left at 3pm and I got there at 7:15. Sigh. Here I was thinking that if I left at 3 I wouldn’t hit traffic. I guess next time it’ll be two, and the time after that it’ll be one… When I got here we went to Bennigans. I liked it, but I started feeling sick, so we left in a bit of a hurry. After we got back, we took a nap and then watched episode 9 of Taken. Tomorrow we’re supposed to go karaoke with Lexi and Arun, since his friends peer pressured him into buying some karaoke stuff.

Feeling: “Don’t fear the fiber”

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug (my mom’s car doesn’t have a CD player, so I whipped out some old mix tapes.)