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Wow it’s late

     I went to Spring Hill mall with Renee, then I followed her to work and watched her teach her swim lesson for a half hour. We stopped at Michaels to pick up some yarn (so I can make Alan a second hat – this one will be plain black). I decided to get some for myself to make a nice fashionable scarf like you see in the Gap or Charlotte Russe – very, very long, thin (only about two inches wide), and pastel.

     After Michaels, Renee and I met up with Megan at the Lake Street Dennys (LSD). I met her baby girl, Emma. Shortly after, we went home. I started on Alan’s hat, although I think I will begin my scarf too.

     I decided how to make my Leela costume for halloween. I’m getting purple hair dye, possibly using this purple wig I have from when I was a fetus. For the eye, I’m going to get some white silk chiffon and use a Sharpie on it for an outline and a pupil. I’ll sew it in the right shape (with Jen’s help, probably), and double-sided tape it to my face. For the wrist communicator, I’m using the tube that the puppy poster came in (huzzah to Vicki!) and some paint. Everything else is a piece of cake. Can you believe that I can do this costume for under $10? Me, neither. I rock.

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