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Splitting Headache

     So I’m sitting here with a splitting headache, which may or may not be a result of my taking some Pamprin earlier today. I didn’t have it before, I know that much. Go figure, eh? Next time I’ll stick to naproxen sodium (Aleve).

     Renee woke me up by calling at 12:30 today. 45 minutes later, I called her back and she came over to crochet. We gossiped. I did a row on my insanely long (500 stitches) scarf. After that we went to Walmart and I picked up a few things (including “made for you with love” and “made with love by..” tags for the stuff I’ve crocheted). Then Renee had to go to work, so I came home and made myself dinner.

     So I’m sitting here talking to Alex about my cousin’s continuing computer “problems” (at this point they’re primarily caused by the games she tries to play, so Alex knows more about that than I do), when all of a sudden I hear crush.. crush.. crunch. I look out my window and some jackass in a maroon SUV backing out of the neighbor across the street’s driveway just ran over our garbage. Apparently there were multiple whacks because after he hit it he stopped, looked back, and kept going. Either he didn’t see it or didn’t care since it wasn’t a mailbox. Then he sped away, leaving a big pile of garbage – especially the recycling crap – all over my driveway.

     It’s time I took an Aleve. Oh yeah, last night I finished Alan’s hat. This is what it looks like. It’s quite a bit different since it’s completely black and I used a thinner yarn. You can see the holes and stitches much more clearly, and I don’t know if he’ll like that. Apparently they DO make plain black Lion Brand Homespun yarn, but it’s NEVER in any of the stores I go to (we have a pretty big Michaels, the Walmart, and a Jo Ann Fabrics that’s moving so it has piss poor selection). Oh well, if he doesn’t like it, I’ll order plain black Homespun online.

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