Major Update

Major Update #4

     To the surprise of many, Alan and I broke up after nearly five years. As with many relationships that end after such a long time, it was ugly and painful. After a week, I started eating again. After a month, I made significant progress on self-discovery. After a month and a half, I found myself in a relationship with Jonathan.
     Jonathan has been very supportive throughout this whole ordeal, and he honestly wants what is best for me. I could babble on about how wonderful he has been, but instead I’ll just sum it up. He’s the most sensitive and thoughtful guy I’ve ever met, and every day I find some other hobby/preference/bizarre quirk that we have in common.
     So um, there is a catch. He lives in Maryland.
     After talking to him for about 2-3 hours a day on the phone for over a month, he came to visit me this past weekend. We had a wonderful time going to karaoke, two fantastic dinners (plus some great lunches and a tasty breakfast), watching movies and playing the Karaoke Revolution games he bought me. We’re still planning where/when our next visit will be, but I imagine it will be finalized in the next couple of days.

     I’ve significantly reduced the amount of time that I play WoW. Since it was an activity that I primarily participated in to have more in common with Alan, I am trying to determine whether I actually enjoyed it or not, and if so, what did I like doing. Do I like raiding? Do I like leveling? It seems that more than anything, I like playing with friends. If nobody is around to play with, it just isn’t that enjoyable for me. Oddly enough, WoW is where I met Jonathan.

[Betta Fish]
     Chris (aka Fishy #3) is doing well. He is still one of the most active fish I’ve had, which is surprising considering that he came from a Walmart. Every once in a while, though, he seems to get really jealous that I spend more time staring at the computer than him.

     My Eclipse is running well, in spite of many projections that it would be kaput by now. I have the thought in the back of my head that I will need to replace it eventually, but I’m not actively seeking a car or even actively researching a car.

     I’m still working at All Tile. I recently went on my third Vegas trip for the Surfaces 2007 convention. The trip itself was fantastic, considering we were having our typical Chicago winter and Vegas was having its typical February spring. It’s always refreshing to go from seeing snow everywhere to seeing palm trees and sun. Our Sell-A-Bration show went very well. Since the show, however, we’ve been pretty busy playing catch up with all of the important things that were put off to make sure the show went off without a hitch. I still don’t think that we’re fully caught up.

Feeling: Tired. I’m still not caught up on sleep from the weekend.
Listening to: Carrie Underwood (yes, country, sadly) – Before He Cheats