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Terrible Terrible Computer!

     So last night I was minding my own business when all of a sudden the power fluxuated. I was concerned, as the light that was over my desk burnt out, and so I turned off my computer. Later, when I thought it was just the bulb and everything else was okay, I turned the computer back on. I got a bunch of errors, as if a good quarter of my disk was corrupt. I decided to restart, and if that didn’t fix it, then I would install my burning software to my D: (which seemed to be fully functional) and copy as much stuff to dvd from my C drive while I still could.

     After the reboot, the windows got stuck in an infinite loop. It would flash the taskbar on and the desktop picture on, then flash them off (so all I saw was the desktop’s color). I couldn’t do anything, not even control alt delete, while this process was going on, so I turned it off.

     I tried to boot from CD in order to run a disk check, but that wasn’t happening, since Windows XP sucks. So, I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, I went to CompUSA and bought a new Maxtor 250gb SATA hard drive and a new power supply (to be on the safe side). I moved the computer and accessories to a different power outlet (the one they were in before I moved into the new desk). Then I formatted the new drive. That’s where I am right now. I’m intending to install Windows on the new drive and try to access the nonbootable drive that way, to see if I can save anything that was on my C drive.

     The thing that really gets me about all this is I bought that hard drive in August. I bought that power supply in August. This is some new shit that just failed on me, and I had to replace. It makes no fucking sense, and it pisses me off a lot. I’m thinking that maybe I should check into the warranties on these things, if I can’t get them working again. FYI, Enermax power supplies have been really shitty to me, so I won’t buy them again, even though they’re supposed to be the good brand.