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Computer: Make that “Non-Functional”

     Well, so far the score is Big Monster 5, Karen 0. The problems that I have had with it have led me to (1) send back the BenQ FP731 for a replacement, (2) buy a new power supply to replace one I thought might be faulty, (3) buy a new hard drive to replace one that failed, (4) buy a new motherboard because it appears to be causing these past failures, and (5) buy a new video card because that may have been causing blue screens as well.

     As you can see, what was once my $2 grand monstrosity is now an increasingly more expensive catastrophe. Currently, I’m using an AMD K6-2 550 – for those of you who are not 100% leet, that means a 550mhz computer – with a whole 192mb of RAM. To give you an idea of how much of a downgrade this was for me, I was previously running a 3 Ghz computer with 1 Gb of RAM. Painful at best.