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Computer Running; TravelCLICK Not So Much

     Big Monster is running now, thanks to a lot of elbow grease and money for new parts. I have yet to see if the terrible disk error problem or the even more terrible blue screening problem will return. Time will tell, I suppose.

     TravelCLICK… sigh. Kim from H.R. called and started telling me about how I can start next Tuesday, they’re working on a computer for me right now, and oh, did they tell me they’ll give me $35,000? No? Oh, well how much were you looking for? (me: …upper range of 30-60k…) *laughs* You won’t get $60k. I’ll see what I can do. In short, I’m not going to get enough money from TravelCLICK to make working there an experience I want to have. Not that I wanted $60,000 a year, but I certainly will not do the job they are asking me to do for $35,000 a year. I’d rather be doing some of the advertising marketing stuff (which pays about that to start).