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Test Drive

     Today, I hung out with Renee. We went to look at cars. I’ve been considering getting a new car for a while now (I don’t have the money for one yet, but my car isn’t exactly running like a charm). I took the Honda Civic EX (nice version), 4 door automatic for a test drive. Mine (if I purchase one) would look something like this, except the blue is a little darker in real life.

     I liked it, but it didn’t particularly impress me. Although, I can’t say that I expected it to. I still have yet to test drive the Toyota Camry, which until today was leading in my car debate. Actually driving the Camry may change my mind. Why the Civic vs. the Camry (and not the Civic/Corolla or Accord/Camry)? Well, I like the Camry much more than the Corolla, and I dislike the Accord. So, because I’m comparing cars of unequal classes and prices, it makes the decision more interesting than normal.

2 thoughts on “Test Drive

  1. The Camry seems a little bit too big and boaty. I agree, the Corolla isn’t that great…too underpowered, small and wimpy. The Civic is a great car, but if you want to have real fun in life, I’d recommend getting the Accord Coupe stick with the 4 cyl engine and the voice recognition navigation system and leather seats, even if does mean getting over its kind of awkward exterior looks. Honda/Acura navigation systems are the best in the world and how cool would it be to be able to control navigation, a/c, radio, etc just by talking to your car! “Find the nearest Indian restaurant” is one of my favorite Honda commands! If you ask me, Honda is the best car company in the world. They don’t have the best cars in the world (yet), but at least they are the company that tries the hardest to make them, especially recently….Honda=quality and technology that works! Just look at ASIMO!

  2. I just saw a commercial for a faster Corolla (170 hp, I think). I may consider Corolla afterall.

    I do agree that Honda makes good quality cars, but I don’t necessarily think they’re better than Toyota. We had a Corolla from ’87 that we recently sold (they bought it for $500), because it was still running and in decent shape for being 17 years old.

    As for ASIMO, he’s hardly an I, Robot sorta machine. He looks like a frickin astronaut. 😛

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