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Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on…

     I got to talk to Alan online today. He didn’t have the charger for his phone in Champaign, so that didn’t work, and yesterday he wasn’t online. We hadn’t talked (really) since Thursday (I don’t count the call I made from Jen’s house when he told me his phone was going to be low on battery w/o the charger soon), which would be a whole week. It was hard. We didn’t fight or argue or anything, even though I had felt lonely some of those days without him. I’m surprised but of course happy about this.

     I bought brakes for the Mirage today (because Dad doesn’t get home in time to buy them himself) so I can take it to Champaign on Saturday. I ordered the case for my cousin’s computer FINALLY, after New Egg pushed its ETA back for a second time today, from another online retailer. It was $2 cheaper there, and we should hopefully get it by the middle of next week. Tomorrow night is my North Beach party. I hope it will be a lot of fun. I need to go to bed now.

Feeling: Tired, Approaching Normalcy

Listening to: Janis Joplin – Take Another Little Piece of My Heart