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Built Computer

     I spent most of today building the computer for my cousin. The hardware installation when much better than expected (everything worked the first time I powered it up). The software installation was frustrating, though. I went to install Norton Internet Security 2003, when I realized that it didn’t come with a product key. I called Chipmax (whom I ordered it from), and they gave me one over the phone (which was especially nice of them). When I registered it, however, it never asked for this product key. It appears that this NIS 2003 is a beta version or something; I don’t quite understand it. When the firewall is fully updated via Live Update, the program no longer starts, giving some jargon-filled error message. Mind you, these problems are all with the firewall half and not with the antivirus half. They have free updates for a year, which is normal, so I guess I’ll just recommend that they get a newer version after a year. This will most likely cause no more problems. This is how beautiful it is.

     After doing all that, I took a nap, then I finally finished applying to the job that my parents interrupted yesterday. It is a very interesting job with a company called Epic, and I very much hope to get an interview. The job title is “Word Artist,” which sounds oh-so where I want to be right now. The company deals with healthcare, meaning that it will probably do well in the upcoming healthcare boom (due to older baby boomers).

     I’m primarily crocheting on that second scarf (the purple one for myself which I’m using the correct single crochet method for). I haven’t given up on Alan’s hat, but first of all, he doesn’t really want it, and second of all, I don’t know if I’m going to redo all of it or not. Once I finish this scarf, I will probably decide. I also bought furry yarn to make a kind of accessory boa scarf deal, like the one I saw in Charlotte Russe. It’s much harder to make than I had first thought; it’s very hard to see your stitches. I hope that it will look like this, only in a light blue, once I’m finished.

Feeling: Accomplished, but very tired.

Listening to: Everclear – Slide