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100th Post. I think.

     I just finished watching season 2 of 24. Wow. I kind of saw that coming, but Renee had told me something that made me think that what I thought was going to happen wasn’t going to happen. I have to watch season 3 now.
     Renee is sleeping over today and she’s at this moment calling random people to wake them up, as she herself is falling asleep under five blankets on my recliner. Alan is getting drunk, which means he’s incredibly entertaining to talk to, but his phone’s battery is dying. Bah.
     Today is Renee’s birthday, and last night we went out to celebrate. We were at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine for the Battle of the Bands by 95.1 WIIL Rock. It was okay. One of the bands, Sleeping Shelby, was professional quality. The others were decent, I suppose. Except for the one that did a cover of Tool’s Aenema. He did it almost as if it was a rock ballad. Bah, I could have done better, and I should never be allowed to sing Tool. At least the drummer did a good job with it. That’s a difficult song to drum, needing the dual bass drum pedals and everything.
     I test drove a CR-V today with Nicole. It was nice, I really liked it. It sucked that we had to wait for so long (20 minutes or so) because they were busy. But it was nice to actually drive the car that seemed so good for me on paper. While we were waiting, I got a pretty good look at the Accord and the Pilot (which were inside where it was warm). The Accord’s trunk was shockingly small, but everything else about it seemed nice. The Pilot’s interior seemed particularly small, it seemed just about as big as the CR-V’s.
     I should go to sleep or something. I’m hella tired. Renee’s amusing when she’s giddy from being too tired.

Feeling: Tired, hopefully not sick
Listening to: Guns N Roses – November Rain (it was on the radio today)