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New Phone… Tomorrow…

     So I ordered a new phone to go with our new Cingular plan (since T-Mobile didn’t want to give us a deal on new phones if we renewed). It’s a Motorola V551 (free), and it has pretty much all the features of the Razr, except battery life and body style. Oh, and it’s $300 cheaper. Ordered from letstalk.com again, because Amazon still doesn’t do family plans.
     They already un-activated my T-Mobile SIM card (since we ported our numbers), so my phone doesn’t work, but I won’t have my phone until tomorrow. After work. Which is a long time from now. … Really long time from now. We requested from T-Mobile that our phones be unlocked, and they obliged. Apparently they will do that for free if you have been with them for 90 days. That’s pretty neat. This way we can use our old T-Mobile phones with our new Cingular account.
     We are FINALLY remodeling the inside of our house. It’s only been, what, 20 years? Wallpaper is going DOWN this weekend. DOWN to the GROUND. Bam. I should take “before” pictures.

Feeling: Cold. Miss Cell Phone.
Listening to: Dashboard Confessional – Saints & Sailors

One thought on “New Phone… Tomorrow…

  1. im happy you didnt go with the POS razr. they are already coming out with newer v. of it so it would have been a waset eof moeny like i said balrgh i just got back from durty nellies. michelle insisted on me dfrinking cause i wasnt driving. im kinda tipsy godnight to you muffinhead. GOLDEN NUGGET BLUEBERRY MUFFINS RULE YOU!

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