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Post-Wallpaper 1

     So, the long-awaited question, “what does the wall look like without that terrible wallpaper?” has been answered.

     We painted “Crisp Linen” on the walls and “Alumina” on the ceiling and trim. We still have a little bit of touch up to do, we’re rearranging the living room, and replacing the light fixtures, window treatments, doors and carpeting. But other than that…
     Today I went to the CVS after work, and it was nice to pointlessly wander around the store while waiting for my prescription to be filled. Their prices aren’t great, but they have had a helluva lot of coupons lately. After that I finally went to GNC to get more of that multivitamin I’ve been taking. I can’t completely credit my 10+ lbs lost on it, but it certainly did help me not get sick when everyone else was. Total Lean Multi, if you must know. I’ve been taking it for about three months.

Feeling: Accomplished
Listening to: Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under the Influence