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Champaign Visit v202

     Happy birthday, Alan! (tomorrow)
     So, I’m going to Champaign on Saturday, leaving at 3pm so Alan can get some sleep/work done/pretend work done. I’ll get there for dinner, and we’ll probably go to Miko’s or wherever he feels like going, being the birthday boy and all. Then we might do some light apartment partying. Sunday I’m leaving kind of early, since my Grandma is having a party that I’m supposed to go to. I’ll go straight from Champaign to the Grandma party, then from there to home to watch Family Guy. Then from Family Guy to weekly bowling. What a full weekend.

Feeling: Starting to get Renee’s cough, dammit.
Listening to: Dashboard Confessional – Saints and Sailors, Hands Down, Vindicated (I need a larger variety of their CDs/mp3s)