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Really Radical Room Redecoration

     Jonathan helped tremendously with the cleaning, redecorating and redesigning my room. The pictures (in slideshow at right) say a lot. Together, we cleaned out & removed the entertainment center, cleaned out under my bed, moved the existing bookshelf (took help from Dad and a 2-wheel dolly as well), added in another shelving unit, cleaned out my closet, moved my bed, installed a wall-mounted nightstand/shelf, rearranged my desk, and did a lot of vacuuming. I bought a new duvet cover and a matching throw pillow, which I think added a lot to the room as well.
Westinghouse 32-inch LCD Flat Panel HD TV      I still have quite a few plans for my room. My new Westinghouse 32″ LCD Flat Panel HD TV (SK-32H240S) (pictured at left) is coming in on Friday, and we’ll be wall mounting it above my bookshelf. We’ll also be painting (Benjamin Moore in Blue Heron), laying new carpet (ShawMark Smooth & Silky in Mirror), replacing my dresser with one from my grandma’s old guest room, replacing my closet doors with mirror doors, and getting new window treatments. At least, that’s the plan. I’m so busy over the next few weeks, I’m not sure when it’s all going to happen.
     The past 3 weekends, Jonathan and I have seen each other. He came out here this past weekend (when we worked on my room and went to La Strada and Maggiano’s). The weekend before that (Memorial Day weekend), I went to his place and then we drove up to Philiadelphia for his friends’ wedding (at which I took over 200 photos). The weekend before that, he came to visit me and we just hung out.
     This coming weekend, Renee, Michelle and I are going to northern Wisconsin to a house that Renee and her dad have been building. It doesn’t have hot water yet (frown), but at least it does have running water, electricity and plumbing. It should be a relaxing getaway weekend… that is, if my allergies magically disappear.

Feeling: Extremely full from having eaten two amazing dinners this weekend.
Listening to: the Meow Mix commercial (yes, it’s on my iPod) hehe