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Updated web site

      So, here I am sitting at home with a massive desire to do something constructive.  I decided to update http://kabby.net, which took almost the entire day.  I didn’t add a lot of new stuff, but I mostly reorganized what was there for post-college-ness.  I also made it all xhtml compliant, which was a feat in itself.  With all the images I had up, it’s amazing I didn’t go insane fixing all their code.  Let me know if you’re opposed to the new color scheme in the comments of this post.

      I’m still working on the Hot Date with Pets PowerPoint.  For updated instructions, see the main page of http://kabby.net

     I plan to add new pictures from before college to my webpage.  I’m not sure how far in the past I will regress, but I have pictures from a very long time ago that deserve some webspace.  Even with the massive HDwP ppt on my webpage, I’ve still got over 700mb of free space not being used.  Sigh, I guess that will be work for tomorrow.