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Sleep Schedule Conflicts

     As you have probably guessed, I have had some serious problems going from sleeping between 3am and noon to sleeping between 12am and 6:30am. I still don’t feel like I should be going to sleep so early. On the bright side, I met the woman I’m replacing, Lori, today, and she is very nice. She invited me to her cigarette breaks, and she told me a bit about the dirty side of the tile. I’m glad that she is training me as a result of her choosing to leave, rather than being forced to leave. I think that’s one of the major reasons why there’s no real tension.

     The job is looking better after spending most of the day learning about what I’ll be doing. I feel like an old hand at the stuff I learned yesterday, and the office seems much more cozy now that I have my own desk, monitor, computer, and WINDOW. I’ll have to remember to take a picture of my desk tomorrow, just because I’m so happy to finally have a job.

     I’m glad that I get to talk to Alan just about every day, even if it’s only for a minute or two. Today we talked a little over 10 minutes, even though he was busy. Talking to him tends to just cheer me up. I don’t even know why, because we only talk about everyday normal things.      Maybe I’m just bipolar. Rachel, Renee’s sister, called me and said that Renee had been missing all day. I knew she was probably at Chad’s, so when she called from his place, I was not surprised, but disappointed. She really should have told her parents. She actually asked if she could spend the night to avoid confronting this problem with them. I told her that I would not support her decision to do that, and told her that she was acting more like she acted when she was running away from her problems and unhappy 2-3 years ago than when how she wants to act. She realized this and went home. I was very frustrated after this phone call, so I calmed down a little and called Alan. Even though we didn’t spend any time talking about Renee (mostly how my job is going and his hockey game last night), I felt 100% better. Maybe even a higher percentage than that. It’s hard to describe; it was as if talking to Alan made Renee and her problems go away. I didn’t even remember them until I went into the living room and my dad asked me “How was Renee [on the phone]?”

     If nothing else, my fish Stewie is never depressed. Even though the vibrations have continued (I see his water fluttering this very instant), he has made the largest and tallest bubble nests that I have seen. All this at 75% of Brian’s size. I guess that’s what happen when you put the little fish in the big bowl and leave the larger fish in the medium bowl.

Feeling: Good, Sleepy, Allergic, and Organized (my Franklin Covey planner is finally getting some good use)

Listening to: Shania Twain – No One Needs to Know