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     Well, it’s Tuesday. There isn’t much to report. I think my goal from now on will be posting every other day, since there usually isn’t enough that happens in one day to make posting a good idea.

     There’s a furniture liquidation sale at a warehouse across the street from All Tile. I went over there yesterday, and the prices are incredible. Not only do they have furniture, but they have lamps and kitchen stuff as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people were purchasing that stuff for the express purpose of reselling it. In fact, some guy bought all of their (possibly a thousand) mattresses; I’m sure he’s planning on reselling all of them. I went to bed at 9:30 last night.

     Today I learned all about Congoleum pricing. In short, it’s terribly difficult. Congoleum is a manufacturer. We purchase flooring from them and distribute it to retailers. Congoleum tells us to give certain retailers (about 1,500 of them) special prices (about 5-20 of them, depending on the product line). All of this, currently, is done MANUALLY. Thankfully, they had a price increase starting November 1st that is done already. Hopefully the next time a price increase comes around, I can find a better way of doing it.

     I finally got to talk to Alan on the phone today. He hadn’t had the time to talk to me since Wednesday or so, which was awful, because he and I are very busy during the week, so the weekends are usually when we have the most time to talk. At least I’ll be going to Champaign this weekend to visit him. I’m thinking of leaving late (like 8 or 9) on Friday night. Last time when I visited, it seemed very truncated.

     I’ve been playing this computer game I got at Menards (yes, Menards) for $3. It’s called Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball. It’s pretty hokey (but for $3, I expected no less), but the game play isn’t bad. It makes me feel like I haven’t completely forgoten about volleyball and like I’m not completely out of practice on it (although I’m sure I haven’t played in a year or so). I miss being physically active in something I like.

     I made mashed potatoes today for (kind of after) dinner. I’m glad I am finally learning how to make things that I like to eat – the way I like to eat them, even. Maybe the next thing I’ll find a recipe for is italian beef sandwiches. Those can be very yummy. They used to be my favorite food.

Feeling: Rested, but It’s almost my bedtime.

Listening to: R.E.M. – The Lion Sleeps Tonight